New obsession alert: Birchbox

I have one big fat new obsession: Birchbox. The online beauty company specialises in helping you shake up your beauty routine through trying new products and best of all, they come in the most adorable boxes delivered straight to your door monthly! I’d read all the hype after seeing a Facebook advert for them, and to be honest, having just decided to give up working I thought I couldn’t make the monthly payment commitment.  After a trip to Selfridges a few weekends ago I came across their pop-up ‘Birchbox’ stand, which was effectively a pick and mix of miniature beauty products. The way it worked was fab, you get to choose from two limited editions ‘Selfridges’ boxes, then you choose 2x make up products, 1x hair product, 1x body product and 1x other product. Whilst choosing you get a little menu which tells you the benefits of each so you can choose the best for your routine. I loved it! The design, the concept and the products themselves when I got them home were all high quality and have made a real difference in my beauty routine.


Now I’ve always been quite lazy when it comes to skincare and make up. I’ve always just used a Simple wipe before bed, and used the same products to do a quick and basic make up look. I recently learned the art of contouring and I’ve gone a little bit mad on it all to be honest. I’ve started trying new cleansers, moisturisers, oils, and powders and there is just so much choice out there! Birchbox is a fab way of getting to try out amazing products without splashing the cash, but of course any that work for you, you can buy the products full size on their website, getting 10% back on the purchase price. Monthly it’s £10, and £2.95 postage and packaging, so not bad really when you consider the cost of the full-size products and you can personalise your profile, so each month they tailor the box to you making sure they will be beauty bits that you’ll really love.


So far I’ve had my Selfridge box, my October box, which was based on your star sign (Fire in my case) and then the best yet, November. This funky collaboration  was with Tatler who designed the box. (see photo!) It contained five beauty buys, firstly, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics – Lip Tar/Primer RRP £15*, Marcelle – BB Cream Golden Glow Illuminator RRP £25.50*, Nuxe – Crème Prodigieuse RRP £21*, Beauty Protector – Protect and Detangle RRP £18.50* and then Doux Me – Pure Spring Mist RRP £16*. Not quite sure the pure spring water is a product I’ll be buying again, but the rest are all working great in my routine this week!


To check out more, have a look on Birchbox’s website – I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Catch you soon! – B x

*Prices are as seen on for the full size product.


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