New Years Resolutions

Hi everyone!

Firstly, big apologies for the radio silence. I’ve been snowed under with masters work (who on earth schedules all the assignments for over Christmas!?) and of course have been a very busy bee over the festive period. I had a very relaxing and fun-filled Christmas up in Edinburgh with all the family and MC, followed by a crazy week attending two weddings and celebrating New Year. Attending my first Indian wedding was such great fun, although turning up in my underwear might not have been the best move…(a story for another time I think!). So anyway, back down to business, started term two and I am now working harder than ever to save some pennies and get focused.

A new year always brings conversations of resolutions, new starts, and change. I decided this year that I was happy with my life, however the one thing I’ve always been struggling with is my struggle with keeping fit, healthy and losing any excess weight. Like many 20 something females, I am on a constant quest to try the latest fad diet, quick fixes and really struggle to put down that glass of wine after a hard week! So far, so good though this year. I decided to just try and make healthier choices, up the fitness and embark upon the 5:2 diet. Although this has been all over the press over the last few years, for those of you who are unfamiliar, the concept is that you eat normal calories 5 days, and then reduce your calories to just 500 for the other two days of the week. You can choose which days’ work best for you, and it allows you to still enjoy the odd cheeky treat. The first fast day was super difficult, I spent all day browsing Facebook looking at recipes and thinking about food, but since it has just become part of the routine.

In addition to the 5:2, I’ve joined Nuffield Gym, been upping the swimming and classes, and continuing to run at least twice a week. I’m already feeling far more energised, that little bit less tight in my clothes and loving the changes I’m seeing in the mirror. Only a few weeks in, but it seems to be a change I can maintain instead of a ‘quick fix’.

I’ll let you all know if I fall off the wagon any time soon and updated on the progress but in the meantime, let me know if you have any interesting or inspiring new year’s resolutions to share.

Bye for now!  – B x

p.s another resolution – get on the blog more frequently!


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